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Wecome to AbingdonXtra

deanoAbingdonXtra is a community radio station that will start to broadast live in 2013,featuring community news,sport, local music, events and other features that have yet to be decided. The station will broadcast daily shows, as well as produce  podcasts and video blogs that are all relevant to Abingdon and the surrounding villages and will cover all sorts of local events.

Because we are an online radio station you can listen from anywhere in the world and also listen via a wide range of media such as  your PC/Laptop or smart phone including iPhone, Android and Windows based devices.

If you have a few hours a week to spare and would like to get involved with AbingdonXtra, hen please contact us whatever skills you have im sure you would be a great assett to ad to our community project.

Even if you dont want to get involved just let us know what would be interesting, entertaining or useful to you.

If you're a youth or community group, a college or school, a workplace or day centre, we'd like to work with you. What can we provide that's useful to you? How would you like to use the service? What content would be helpful to your user groups or students? How would they like to interact with AbingdonXtra Community Radio on the internet - or would your youth or community group, a college or school like to produce, record or DJ a music programme?

We want to respond to everyone in the area, so just get in touch.nags

Join The Team


We currently need back room staff to cover marketing and website admin roles, if you would like to be involved in this great community project then get in touch.


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Advertise With Us


By advertising with us you are not only helping to fund a great community project but also reaching your very own local audience. Checkout our packages here


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Promote Something


If you are looking to promote an event, campaign or local group within the Abingdon community please get in touch. we just need wifi to broadcast live.


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Local music


We champinion local music and encourage any local Artists that are interested in reaching the local community and getting some free airtime to contact AbingdonXtra.


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